Our Inventory

The Julius Klein Group is widely regarded as one of the world's largest diamond suppliers - both in terms of breadth as well as depth of inventory. With a particular strength in larger goods, the Group manufactures polished diamonds of every possible shape, clarity and cut, ranging from 0.10 to 50+ carats.

Not only Julius Klein – Eliaz, as a part of the Group, carries an unsurpassed inventory of GIA, HRD & EGL certified "white" diamonds, but our unique inventory also consists of exceptional fancy color diamonds and one of a kind "special" stones.

With an extraordinary inventory of the finest quality diamonds, exceptional stones, hard-to-find items, our clients benefit from JKED’s unmatched ability to provide goods that will satisfy the unique desire of every customer.

Our fully computerized diamond selection is accessible on our Web site in the section labeled "FIND A DIAMOND". With one click of the mouse, or by phone and/or fax, our customers can/will see the incredible selection of diamonds we have in stock. Then, as a result of our top rated customer service, clients can receive the certificates of the goods they are seeking in a matter of minutes. So you are invited to get an impression of our online world at "FIND A DIAMOND" section.